With an extensive global supplier network. Armstrong is well-positioned to have access pioneering materials and resources that are not yet readily available in the market. Until now nearly 3.000 kinds of materials from plastic and rubber derivative has been in supply. This platform creates and maximizes value creation for our customers by providing a first-mover advantage in the industry.

Plastic Film

PET, Polyester
PC, Polycarbonate
PPE, Polyphenyleneether
PI, Polyimide
PPS, Polyphenylene Sulfide
PEN, Polyethylene Naphthalate
PE, Polyethylene
PP, Polypropylene
PMMA, Polymethyl methacrylate, Acrilic
Nylon sheet
POM, Polyoxymethylene,Polyacetal
ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

plastic film300X250




Acrylic Foam Adhesive Tape              
PET Adhesive Tape
Tissue Tape
Acetate Tape
Alumunium Tape
Buthyle Tape
Copper Tape
Hot Melt
Double Side Tape
Single Side Tape
liquid Adhesive  Tape


PU, Polyeurethane
PE, Polyethylene
PP, Polyproplyene
EVA, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate

















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Expanded Foam

EPP, Expanded polypropylene
EPS, Expanded polystyrene



Cork SED                                
Cork SEA






  At Armstrong, we serve customers from the automotive, consumer & industrial, data storage, healthcare & medical, lifestyle and retail & office productivity industries. With this diversification, we acquire knowledge from different industry needs in all noise, vibration and heat challenges. Our multi-industry knowledge serves as a platform to create unique solutions for all of our customers.


With production capabilities situated near automotive manufacturing hubs in asia, Armstrong supports global automotive OEMs by providing efficient localization for product quality and services of global standards. As a key supplier to the automotive industry, Armstrong now serve the top 29 OEMs (out of 50) in China. Working closely with our key customers for co-design & co-development projects has also positioned us to be the first to produce the Soft Air Duct, EPP Seat Base and Bumper Crash absorber in China. Our lightweight moulded parts improve overall vehicle noise reduction, fuel economy and safety performance.


Battery, body &  bumper,carpet, underlay dashboard & instrumental,panel, door, engine hood, engine cover entertainment & communication, HVAC, HVAC duct interior, insulator, lighting, mirror, room seat, trunk, wheel.


Door Seal





Consumer Industrial

The consumer & industrial sector consist of many types of products that are dynamic and fast-moving with high consumer demand in nature. Armstrong keeps pace with the industry by constantly expanding our product offerings to customers. The industries we serve includes household appliances, industrial & energy, healthcare & medical, computer & communications, entertainment and lifestyle. Our wide range of expertise gives us the ability to provide total solutions all the way from household appliances to industrial & energy category.


Computer & communication entertainment household appliances industrial & energy.


Data Storage

Acoustic foam balance plug crash stop gasket insulating film thermal interface Armstrong is a key supplier and market leader to the data storage (Hard Disk Drive) industry for close to three decades. As world’s number 1 producer of crash stops with over 380 million units produced annually, we are able to produce micro rubber parts as tiny as 1mm. Align to the industry’s stringent cleanliness test requirements, our rubber parts are moulded to a tight tolerance control of +/- 0.05mm and hardness range of 15 – 90A in our clean room facilities. Our components are supplied to global key players and their suppliers.


Acoustic foam, balance plug, crash Stop, gasket, insulating film, thermal Interface.




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Healthcare & Medical

As demand for access to high-quality, accurate and precise healthcare & medical devices continues to grow and evolve, Armstrong is committed to offer innovative approach and solutions to our customers. Our clean room facilities as well as R&D platform allows us to work with healthcare & medical players to co-develop desired improved healthcare infrastructure.


Accessories, Battery, Disposables, Equipment, Portable Device.


EPP Product


application automotive_2